We are an as needed provider of industrial safety, trade certification / re-certification, training and consulting firm. We offer fast efficient and effective customer service. Technical Training & Consulting , Inc is dedicated to providing our clients informative, accurate, and cutting edge training.

MSHA PART 46, 48, and Electrician Training

TTC has an experienced staff of MSHA certified instructors active in: MSHA Part 46 Training (Surface Metal/Non-Metal Mines & Contractors), MSHA Part 48 Training (Surface & Underground), MSHA Electrical Certification, Training & Retraining, and MSHA First-Aid Training and maintenance training (electrical, fluid power, PLC, etc.).

Program Development

TTC offers a variety of OSHA and MSHA compliance assistance programs. These include: Site-Specific Safety and Health Plans, Training & Retraining Plans, Loss Prevention Plans, Pre-Operational Exam Programs, Records Compliance Development and Audits, Job Safety Analysis, and time studies.

Safety Training

TTC offers MSHA/OSHA compliant underground/mine rescue training and fire brigade training. TTC has instructors certified to test, repair, and train for use of Biomarine and Drager Self-Contained Breathing Apparatuses. Training for testing and repair of this equipment is also offered.